Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Fling Tag

I know I am one of a few who has married into the Bosley family and attends Spring Fling so I hope it is okay that I did the tag. When I tell people where I am going (St. George), for how long (four days and three nights) and with who (all of women in Justin's family that are on Clark's side) they cannot believe that I share a room with my husbands aunts and cousins, let alone a bed with my mother-in-law. This is my third year attending and it keeps getting better. Thank you to all of the Bosley women for making me feel welcome and thank you to Jennifer all that she does for me.

3 Favorite Spring Fling memories/stories:
1-The fun and crazy games we play-and the conversations that come up because of them:)
2-The attention that we draw at every public place we go to.....are they a girls camp group-No, are they polygamists-No, just a big group of hot women.
3-Hearing all of the stories from the past Spring Flings-especially those that involve Elinor

3 Things I am most looking forward to:
1-Being pregnant this year-now I have an excuse for sleeping in.
2-Warmer weather and a pedicure.
3-Enrique-the cabana boy that Jennifer and I have hired ;)

3 things that definitely will be in my suitcase
1-My purple sweat suit-sorry if I wear it for more than one day.
2-A swim suit-with a good cover-up-private pool or not I am six 1/2 months preggy.
3-Floppy-a pillow I have to take everywhere-it does fit in my suitcase.